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Bloomberg and the First Amendment

The National Press Club has posted video of its journalism awards dinner, which is illuminating in its own way about the self-congratulatory culture of journalism. One interesting moment came when Bloomberg News got an award for its coverage of campaign finance. Accepting the award, a Bloomberg reporter, Jonathan Salant, said, "I believe that the First Amendment gives us the power and the responsibility to watch over those in power." He went on:


Jonathan Salant

"I grew up during the protests for civil rights and the Vietnam War and I saw what journalists were doing," he said, explaining that becoming a journalist was a "chance to make the world a better place."


Bloomberg's Professors

Bloomberg News keeps up its track record of biased coverage of the effort to extend the Bush tax cuts with an article about an effort by business groups who back the tax cuts. The article quotes not a single business owner or executive, but it does quote three professors. If it were an article headlined "liberal professors favor tax increases," that'd be one thing, but it's supposed to be an article about a coalition of business groups that favor extending the tax cuts. How did all these professors get involved?


Nonprofits and Politics

Bloomberg's Washington bureau is so left-wing it makes the New York Times look like National Review.

The latest example: The Times and Bloomberg both write the same article about political spending via non-profit groups organized under section 501(c) of the tax code.

The New York Times article at least says the organizations "have been growing in popularity as conduits for large, unrestricted donations among both Republicans and Democrats since the 2006 election." [Emphasis ours]. The Times article also includes a reference to "501(c)(5) labor unions, which have been supporting Democrats."


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