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The Unbearable Urge to Sympathize

The rare case of a female Palestinian terrorist, Jaffa Road bomber Wafa Idris, has elicited as night follows day innumerable witless media profiles of the young woman. Idris had arrived on the Jerusalem thoroughfare on Sunday January 27, stepping briefly into a shoe store, then dying as the bomb she clutched blew her apart.


Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate

The media have ignored the Israeli publications which promote humane images of Arabs, and, far more importantly, have turned a blind eye to the systematic incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel sponsored by the Palestinian Authority in PA schools.


Wye and the Palestinian Covenant

Media reports on implementation of the Wye River Memorandum have incorrectly characterized as a new demand Israel's position that the Palestinian Covenant must be revised by a full meeting of the Palestinian National Council.


Thumbs Down to Lee Hockstader

THUMBS DOWN to the Washington Post's Jerusalem Bureau Chief Lee Hockstader for his vicious misrepresentation of Israel's security concerns.


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Lee Hockstader


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