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About News Transparency

How do I use it? News Transparency works similarly to other popular sites on the Web that you're probably already familiar with:

  • It's like Wikipedia, in that anyone — including you — can edit it by adding information (though additions are moderated). It's also like Wikipedia in that you can interact with it two ways — as a reader and as a content-creator.
  • It's like and other similar retail sites, in that community members can post reviews they write themselves, along with ratings on a five-star scale.
  • It's like Facebook and Twitter, in that you can share the comments or reviews you post with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
  • It's like Google, in that it's driven by a search box you type into that leads to information about the subject of the search.

Why does it exist? The founders of America, recognizing that a free press was necessary to a free society, wrote the protections of the First Amendment into the Constitution. Today, polls show public distrust of the media at a record level, and academic research shows that roughly half of newspaper stories contain errors. This site aims to improve the accuracy, quality, and transparency of journalism by making it easier to find out about the individual human beings who produce the news — human beings with opinions, relationships, history, and agendas. That information should help readers, viewers, and listeners put what they are reading in better context, and it may even prompt some improvements by the journalists.

While there may be lots of journalism criticism on the site, we hope there's also lots of praise of excellent journalism. The editor of the site has had a long and happy career as a journalist. Some of his favorite people are journalists. He likes journalists and journalism so much, in fact, that he believes the journalistic techniques that journalists apply to other institutions — criticism, accumulating and transmitting information — should also be applied to the press, which is a powerful institution in its own right.

Who owns it? The site is owned by FutureOfCapitalism, LLC. The manager and majority owner of FutureOfCapitalism, LLC is Ira Stoll. For more information on Mr. Stoll, please see his News Transparency profile.

How do I reach the person who runs it? To contact the editor:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 718 499 2199

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