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Time's McGirk Sides With Opponents of Jerusalem Archeology

Tim McGirk, Time Magazine's Jerusalem bureau chief, has once again replaced objective reporting with advocacy journalism, this time promoting opponents of archeological excavations in the City of David in an article entitled "Archaeology in Jerusalem: Digging Up Trouble."


The McGirk Affair: Claims of Cold-Blooded Executions Not Credible

The tragic story of Khaled Abed Rabbo and his three daughters – reportedly executed by an Israeli soldier – appears in many outlets. Yet, the numerous accounts are inconsistent and are contradicted by earlier Palestinian reports.


Second Gaza: Time's Tim McGirk Creates a Virtual Reality

In Time magazine's virtual world, Gaza has no Qassams, is surrounded by Israel and a concrete wall, and the U.S. and Israel urge the beating of women protesters — and this alternate reality is passed off as news.


Error-Filled Advocacy Journalism Replaces Balanced Reporting on Settlements

A Feb. 5, 2007 Time Magazine article by Jerusalem bureau chief Tim McGirk on Israeli settlements in the West Bank was not so much a news report as anti-settlement agitprop.


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