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Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps

In the labyrinth of concrete homes and competing claims that mark Israel's operation in Gaza, the Los Angeles Times' Ken Ellingwood loses his way, straying from the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics in reporting a Palestinian claim as fact. He is joined in this by the Guardian's Chris McGreal on NPR.


NPR Airs Correction in Response to "After Latest Suicide Bombing, NPR's Ludden Gets it Wrong Again, June 3, 2001"

Thanks to the many readers who contacted NPR and CAMERA's alert, the network aired a correction about a report on religious burials in Israel.


A Record of Bias: National Public Radio's Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Due to National Public Radio's Israel problem, CAMERA compiled a rigorous analysis of NPR's broadcasts over a two-month period which dramatically underscores the network's skewed approach to covering Israel.


NPR Smears Ariel Sharon

Even before Ariel Sharon's victory in the recent Israeli elections, NPR reporters were busily portraying the veteran Israeli leader as a bloodthirsty killer eager to plunge the Middle East into flames...


NPR and Terror

Even when innocents are blown apart by bombs, a journalist is loath to tell the story straight and place blame squarely on the perpetrator, there is little doubt that severe partisanship is at work.


NPR Unrelenting in Anti-Israel Bias

National Public Radio's hostility toward Israel and willingness to bend facts and journalistic norms in presenting that nation as morally reprehensible and unreasonable are well known.


Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate

The media have ignored the Israeli publications which promote humane images of Arabs, and, far more importantly, have turned a blind eye to the systematic incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel sponsored by the Palestinian Authority in PA schools.


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