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Gideon Levy's Distorted Discourse

In a June 30 Ha'aretz Op-Ed, Gideon Levy's distorted discourse is once again on display. Revisiting his earlier untenable argument that Israel is determined to attack the flotilla, he resorts to falsehoods and misinformation.


Gideon Levy's Hot Air on Prisoner Releases

As the facts dramatically underscore that Israel's release of some 10,000 prisoners in the last two decades has yielded no dizzying political change, Gideon Levy's claim in Ha'aretz that a prisoner release could yield a breath of fresh air is nothing more than stale hot air.


Gideon Levy Adrift in His Alternate Reality

Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy once again turns reality on its head, claiming that Israel is determined to attack the upcoming flotilla, painting its participants as well-intentioned, and misconstruing international law.


Israeli Ambassador Slams Gideon Levy

Rafi Shotz, Israel's ambassador to Spain, slams Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy for an Op-Ed in which he called most of Israel's diplomats spineless propagandists void of values or a conscience.


Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task

CAMERA frequently documents the outrageous and defamatory lies of anti-Israel journalist Gideon Levy. A fellow Israeli journalist, reaching the same conclusion, has now spoken out sharply against Levy.


Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report

Gideon Levy thinks the UN's Goldstone report was a favor to Israel. He also claims Israel is treated too leniently by the world and that criticism of the Goldstone report is just mudslinging.


Ha'aretz's Levy Fuels Anti-Israel Distortions -- In Croatia

The fringe Israeli columnist urges that Israel be investigated for war crimes in the Hague and a Croatian journalist echoes his claims, citing comparisons to the former Yugoslavia.


Ha'aretz Radical Mainstreamed in LAT

The Los Angeles Times' Ashraf Khalil dresses up fringe Israeli writer Gideon Levy as one prominent Israeli whose views are as newsworthy as Tzipi Livni's, Benjamin Netanyahu's, or Ehud Olmert's.


Levy Blinded in Days of Awe

Days away from Yom Kippur, when it is traditional to recall and atone for one's sins – such as speaking slander, accusing falsely and being deceitful – Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy once again spreads falsehoods and deceit.


'Last Refuge,' Latest Falsehood

Gideon Levy's weekly column in Ha'aretz Magazine is aptly titled Twilight Zone. At times, his reports have little or no connection to reality. This week's column (Last refuge), about Banana Land, the first Palestinian water park, serves as a prime example.


CAMERA Translates Letter from Israeli Author Slamming Ha'aretz

CAMERA translates an April 2002 letter from Israeli author Irit Linor slamming Ha'aretz for its vicious journalism and anti-Zionism. In April 2008, her criticism remains as valid as ever.


Badly Sourced Accusations at Disciples World

Joel Carillet's defense of his Disciples World article accusing Israeli soldiers of leaving a baby to die at an Israeli checkpoint raises more questions than it answers.


Ha'aretz Indifferent to Journalistic Norms

Nov. 28 update follows. In contrast to international and American media outlets, Ha'aretz apparently considers itself above criticism. Ha'aretz editors seem unaccustomed to responding to readers in a straightforward process and appear to believe readers have no right to fault them for shoddy, inaccurate coverage.


Truthful Media, U.N.-Style

Just like the U.N.'s 2001 Durban Conference Against Racism itself became a racist anti-Israel hate fest, the U.N.'s media seminar this week supposedly promoting sober, factual journalism about the conflict turned into platform for anti-Israel distortions and incitement.


CAMERA Column: Fast and Loose with Facts at Ha'aretz

Ha'aretz, which describes itself as "an independent newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook," allows its writers to espouse extremist views unfettered by the facts. Editors have refused to correct the many errors in a column by Gideon Levy, including a fabricated Golda Meir quote.


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