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Khalil's Latest Story Full of Holes

Once again, Ashraf Khalil relays a Palestinian tragedy that does not square with other Palestinian sources. Also, why does the detailed article about a day of death in the Helw family ignore the death of brother Mohammed?


LA Times Ignores Hamas Rockets In Times of Truce

At the Los Angeles Times, Ashraf Khalil covers up Hamas rocket attacks during the six-month lull and the current truce.


Despite Inconsistencies, Khalil Runs With Palestinian's Story

The Los Angeles Times' Ashraf Khalil has a dubious track record when it comes to reporting questionable Palestinian claims. Allegations today about the first Palestinian fatality after the cease-fire are at odds with many sources.


At LA Times, Obscured Targets

Ashraf Khalil selectively reports about targets in Gaza, ignoring information that a mosque and a Hamas leader's home were used as weapons depots, and omiting mention of the phone calls warning residents to evacuate.


Ha'aretz Radical Mainstreamed in LAT

The Los Angeles Times' Ashraf Khalil dresses up fringe Israeli writer Gideon Levy as one prominent Israeli whose views are as newsworthy as Tzipi Livni's, Benjamin Netanyahu's, or Ehud Olmert's.


Mohammed Omer's Allegations Raise Questions

See Nov. 5 update: Questionable LA Times report. Inflammatory allegations against Israeli security officials by Mohammed Omer are outrightly denied. Discrepancies in Omer's accounts of the incident raise questions about his honesty.


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Ashraf Khalil


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