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NPR Editor Jenkins Blames Israel for ME Deadlock

In a public meeting, NPR's Loren Jenkins, who previously linked Israel to Nazis, has faulted Israel alone for the Middle East impasse, charging it with using Gaza for bombing target practice.


NPR Still Skews the News

Two extremely skewed segments on National Public Radio's popular Talk of the Nation news and talk program underscore that anti-Israel bias continues on the network.


CAMERA Calls on NPR to Fire Foreign Editor Loren Jenkins

BOSTON — Charging National Public Radio with profound anti-Israel bias, CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, today urged NPR to remove Foreign Editor Loren Jenkins from his key role in the prominent network's coverage of the Middle East.


A Record of Bias: National Public Radio's Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Due to National Public Radio's Israel problem, CAMERA compiled a rigorous analysis of NPR's broadcasts over a two-month period which dramatically underscores the network's skewed approach to covering Israel.


NPR Unrelenting in Anti-Israel Bias

National Public Radio's hostility toward Israel and willingness to bend facts and journalistic norms in presenting that nation as morally reprehensible and unreasonable are well known.


NPR Bias Triggers New CAMERA Action

Why does the fierce anti-Israel bias persist at NPR, a network whose programming is now heard on nearly 600 affiliate stations nationwide?


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Loren Jenkins


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