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Once More Through the Palestinian Filter

The contrast between the headlines of The Washington Post's November 15 dispatch, As Israel-Hamas Clashes Continue, Gazans Face Crisis and The New York Times' same-day report Hamas Fires Rockets Into Israel couldn't be clearer. The continuing pro-Palestinian bias at the Post also could not be clearer.


Bias by Omission

The Washington Post's Activists Break Blockade of Gaza belongs in journalism texts as an epitome of bias by omission. Written by National Public Radio's long-time Israel correspondent Linda Gradstein, the dispatch repeatedly drops or disguises facts necessary to understand the news being reported.


A Stacked Deck – the NPR Formula at Work

National Public Radio's Nov. 2, 2005 report, "Jewish Settlements Expand in West Bank," illustrates a recurrent technique in the network's chronic anti-Israel coverage: stacking the deck.


Two NPR Corrections in Two Days

CAMERA prompted two NPR corrections, airing Sunday and Monday. The first corrected Linda Gradstein's false attribution of a reference about Palestinian "militants" to the Israeli army when the army had used the word "terrorists." (The softening of language is a recurring problem at NPR.) The second corrected Bob Edwards' wildly inflated figure for Palestinian refugees of the 1948 war.


NPR's Bias (And a $200 Million Windfall)

News that McDonald's heiress Joan Kroc has bequeathed $200 million to National Public Radio comes at a time when, unfortunately, the network continues to purvey distorted and agenda-driven Middle East coverage.


CAMERA Column: NPR's Gradstein Falsely Labels Israel "Extremist"

National Public Radio's Linda Gradstein recently reported Israel's attempt to bar Israeli-Arab politician Ahmed Tibi from running in upcoming elections because of his alleged support for attacks against Israelis and his denial of the state's legitimacy (Israel's Supreme Court reinstated Tibi a few days later). Among those Gradstein interviewed was Shmuel Sandler, an Israeli professor whom she described as seeing "growing extremism" among his countrymen:


NPR Cover-Up

In the last terrible days of March 2002, National Public Radio continued its long pattern of sharply underreporting and depersonalizing violence against the people of that nation while emphasizing the feelings, perspectives and accusations of the Palestinians.


NPR Distorts Even Its Bias

The old saw about not picking fights with newspapers – since they buy ink by the barrel – applies equally to challenging a powerful tax-funded radio network that holds sway on the air waves.


NPR's "On the Media" Distorts Interview with CAMERA

National Public Radio is under fire for its distorted reporting on Israel, as everyone familiar with media coverage of the Middle East knows.


National Public Radio – All Bias, All the Time

National Public Radio reporters may not be fair or balanced when it comes to covering the Middle East, they may not be paragons of accuracy, or exemplars of journalistic ethics, but say this much for them – they are consistent.


A Record of Bias: National Public Radio's Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Due to National Public Radio's Israel problem, CAMERA compiled a rigorous analysis of NPR's broadcasts over a two-month period which dramatically underscores the network's skewed approach to covering Israel.


NPR Coverage Divorced From Reality

National Public Radio's Linda Gradstein reported at length on the allegedly oppressive procedures Israeli women experience when they seek a divorce from their husbands. NPR's focus on divorce questions when Israel is facing unprecedented violence in the form of bombings and shootings directed against civilians and when the country is torn by wrenching existential questions, underscores once more NPR's skewed and distorted agenda.


NPR Bias Masks Arab Violence

Nearly every day brings fresh examples of National Public Radio's unabashed advocacy of Palestinian Arab views, and of NPR's willingness to compromise professional standards that require balanced, complete and accurate reporting.


Public Radio: Hatreds Newsworthy and Not

Boasting a constituency drawn heavily from America's best educated and most politically active, National Public Radio enjoys a unique vantage from which to reach and influence policy-makers.


A Study in News Manipulation

From time to time the CAMERA Media Report presents an extended analysis of the Middle East coverage of a single media outlet. This edition provides the results of a six-month study of National Public Radio and an account of the meeting held by CAMERA representatives with NPR officials regarding the study findings.


Linda Gradstein Pushes Political Agenda

NPR's Middle East correspondent, Linda Gradstein, has consistently issued reports colored by her publicly-stated views on the Arab-Israeli conflict - in an interview Gradstein revealed her personal views of the Middle East, which not only reflect an ignorance of history but an extremist political position.


Thumbs Down to Linda Gradstein

To National Public Radio's Linda Gradstein for her remorseless hectoring of Israel, and her contempt for fact and context. On July 30, 1992, Gradstein focused on Israel's supposedly capricious policy of keeping Palestinian Arab exiles waiting when they cross the Allenby Bridge from Jordan to visit family members in the West Bank.


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