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James Carroll's Fabulist Mistake

James Carroll condemns PM Benjamin Netanyahu for violating an Israeli consensus about Jerusalem that does not exist.


James Carroll's Analytical Skills Stop at Christendom's Edge

James Carroll, an expert on the roots and consequences of Christian anti-Semitism, fails to address how Muslim teachings regarding the Jewish people foments hostility toward Israel in the Middle East.


James Carroll Misrepresents Jerusalem Evictions Story

James Carroll portrays the evictions of Palestinian famillies in Jerusalem as evidence of creeping annexation by Israel ignoring the fact that they failed to pay their rent.


CAMERA Letter In Boston Globe Corrects James Carroll Jerusalem Errors

CAMERA's letter refuted familiar misinformation about Israel suppressing Arab population growth and housing construction in Jerusalem.


James Carroll Errs on Israel's Security Fence

A correction by James Carroll in the Boston Globe fails to clarify his mischaracterization of Israel's security barrier as "a high cement barrier that will run hundreds of miles..." His incomplete correction does not indicate that concrete sections will constitute only a tiny proportion of the projected 480-mile route. More than 97 percent will consist of a chain-link fence, with walled parts confined to areas that present an immediate risk of sniper gunfire.


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James Carroll


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