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Israel, through the Washington Post darkly

Israel has a guilt complex. Israel is politically sick. Israel misleads the United States. And some of its own people think its leaders are war criminals. So says recent Washington Post coverage.


February Follies

Editorializing in the news, sanitizing an editorial, and odd omissions marred Washington Post Arab-Israeli coverage in February


Washington Post Distorts Building in Jerusalem

Washington Post correspondent John Ward Anderson has teamed up with Israel's critics in a Post "investigation" indicting the Israeli government and Jewish groups for "consolidating their grip on strategic locations." The result is a highly distorted account of construction in Jerusalem with the broad implication that Jews have no right to move into or build in predominantly Arab neighborhoods regardless of historical and legal claims to property.


Selective Quotes Distort Intent of Sharon's Gaza Withdrawal

In his interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz, Dov Weissglas, a close advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was asked about Israel's decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. According to American media coverage of this interview, Weissglas suggested that Ariel Sharon's true intention in planning the Gaza disengagement is to freeze the peace process and prevent a Palestinian state. However, this was not his message at all; his words were taken out of context.


A Hole in the Story

Washington Post coverage of the allegation that a Pentagon official passed secret U.S. information about Iran to Israel via American pro-Israel lobbyists contains a striking omission. It's one CAMERA has pointed out before regarding Post coverage touching on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.


Stand Corrected

So when is a correction not a correction? Often, when it's a Washington Post attempt to remedy a mistake in the paper's Arab-Israeli coverage.


Washington Post Corrects Gaza Settlements Error

CAMERA staff, members, and others elicited the following July 28 correction concerning the amount of Gaza Strip land occupied by Jewish settlements.


CAMERA Elicits Washington Post Correction

CAMERA prompted the following correction concerning a July 12 article by John Ward Anderson which erroneously reported on Palestinian attacks on Israel. The San Francisco Chronicle and the Boston Globe later ran the correction. NPR also corrected the same error.


The Washington Post: A Language of Its Own

Erroneous word choice seriously undermines "Report: Israel Spent Illegally On Settlements," by Washington Post correspondent John Ward Anderson, in the May 6, 2004 edition.


The Washington Post Misleads on Jerusalem

Palestinian grievances about the security barrier are detailed and personalized, while essential information about Israel's policies is omitted.


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