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siamak ghaderi


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Frequent Topics of Writing:
Legal / Criminal
Media Outlets:
irna news agancy and many other newspapers and websites, 1994-2011
Position: Correspondent
Work History:

he has been working for the news agancy irna for more than 18 years.he has been responded as an editor at SINA news agancy and also cheif editor at ILNA news agancy. during these years he has been offically prized for his effective reports even by the president at that time (mr khatami) he has been sent to report the Iraq war and afganistan war and also the Iraq election. he has a weblog that has been filtered by the government for 17 times during 1 year as he was reporting the pubic protest against illegal election of the current peresident ,mr ahmadi nejhad. he has he has been arrested in 2010 and had been sentenced for 4 years imprison. he has been asked 2 times before to be imprisoned.during these months he s been asking to write for the government and also to be interviewed to get free. but he didnt accept so that kept in 209 Evin jail for 9 months. now he is spending his sentence in 350 Evin.


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Graduate Studies
Field of Study: politcs

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