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Kara Visits With PBS MediaShift Blogger Mark Glaser - Kara Swisher - News - AllThingsD

Recently, BoomTown had a lovely lunch with PBS new media blogger Mark Glaser. Glaser is a longtime free-lance journalist whom I first noticed when he wrote a weekly column for the USC Annenberg School of Communication's Online Journalism Review, post-Web 1.0 bubble, as well as for the most excellent "Media Grok" daily email newsletter for the now-defunct Industry Standard back in the midst of the froth. He was always able to cut through that with a clear-headed tone--while maintaining a respect for what was good about traditional journalism, as well as an excitement about the possibilities of new media. Here's a video interview I did with Glaser about where new media is today.


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Mark Glaser

Age: 58

Twitter Account:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Frequent Topics of Writing:
Media Outlets:
Conde Nast TravelerMagazine
Entertainment WeeklyMagazine
Los Angeles TimesNewspaper
New York TimesNewspaper
San Francisco ChronicleNewspaper
San Francisco ExaminerNewspaper
San Jose Mercury NewsNewspaper
Sight & SoundMagazine
Work History:







PBS MediaShift

PBS Idea Lab

Yale Center for Globalization

Online Journalism Review

Books by Mark Glaser:
Educational History:

Green Trails Elementary
Primary School

Parkway Central High School
Secondary School

University of Missouri
Undergraduate Studies

Voter registration/Party affiliation:

San Francisco Food Bank

PKD Foundation

Ft. Mason Center

Professional Network/Frequent Sources:
Personal Network/Friends and Allies:

Rafat Ali

Craig Silverman

Corbin Hiar

Heather Gold

Jonathan Weber

David Cohn

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