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Jorge Orellana


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Media Outlets:
Work History:

Employment History:

March 1992 Television & Radio Marti-International Broadcasting

To present International Broadcaster Specialists

Writing, researching stories, direction, anchor, production and editing Newscast

Supervisor: Godofredo Granados.

August 1998 Unica US Radio Network

To 2005 journalist and anchor

Supervisor: Omar Marchand

June 1989 WorldNet Television, Washington DC. (Freelance)

To 1998 Host and anchor in Spanish language

Supervisor: Gregg Brown

Feb. 1986 Univision, Hispanic Network Television, Washington DC

To 1995 News Director and Anchor / Channel 48 Univision

News Director / hosted news programs and talk shows

Supervisor: Antonio Garnica

March 1986 Voice of America

To 1989 Announcer/ anchor news

Supervisor: Richard Araujo

June 1985 United Press International and EFE, News Agency- Radio Network, Washington DC.

To 1992 News Assistant Director

Anchor, News Writer, reporter and interviewer

Supervisor: David Haymore

Honors and Awards:

"Group Accomplishment Award" from White House, in recognition of valuable contribution to Radio & TV Marti (1998)

"Superior Accomplishment Award" "Noticiero del Sabado" (1992)

"Superior Honor Award" in recognition for outstanding work.(1994)

"Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated services to Radio Marti news"(2000)

"Excellence Award ACE 97" for the best news cast.

"Personality of the Year 1998" awarded to Bolivian nationals residing in D.C.

"Honored 100 of the nation's top Spanish and media personalities of 2001"

Training Courses:

1997 Computer Applications for Microsoft, WordPerfect, Excel (Ibb-training)

1997 DALET Digital Recording and Editing Computer Program (Ibb-training).

2000 Cool Edit Pro Digital Recording and Editing Computer Program Training Course.

2004 Radio On Air Skills: Sounding Conversational (Ibb-training)

2004 Hosting a Show: Becoming an Interesting and Effective Interviewer (Ibb-training)

2004 Producing Effective Feature and Magazine Radio Shows (Ibb-training)

2005 Excel Computer Application Review Course (Ibb-training)

2009 News Assignment for television (University of Miami)

2009 The Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Training

2009 Interactive seminar with opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues surrounding outside speaking, writing, teaching and media work.

Special Skills:

  • Professional quality broadcast voice with neutral accent.
  • Experience in PR and personal managing in Radio and TV
  • Excellent writing style skills in Spanish for radio and television.
  • Proficient in the operation of broadcasting equipment such as live on-air and production studios consoles, tape recorders, digital mini-disc and CD recorders, computerized recording and editing Cool Edit and DALET systems, microphones and remote transmission equipment.
  • Knowledgeable and proficient in computer programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.


Career Summary:

I am an International Broadcaster, with a degree in Communications and Humanities. I have attained invaluable experience in News media including television, radio and print, news writing, features and have hosted various news and talk show programs.

At International Broadcasting TV & Radio Marti, I supervised as deputy director for foreign correspondents and overlooked and managed the work of over fifty correspondents located throughout the world. I assigned stories and coached correspondents on story developments, writing and delivery. Also, I held many exclusive interviews with the Presidents of Chile, El Salvador, Argentina, Bolivia, and other Latin American leaders. At this point in my career, I wish to improve my skills and abilities and utilize the knowledge and experiences that I have obtained in my career and my life.

Professional Experience:

I have over twenty-five years of experience in hosting of news and talk show programs and conducting interviews. Also, I have obtained experience in supervising, coordinating and evaluating professional staffs. In addition, I was a host and General Director of a number of programs in Television at CBA in Bolivia. In specific, I was responsible for planning, organizing and directing all aspects of TV stations. Also, I managed a professional staff engaged in all aspects of the development and production of various programs at Channel 11, Bolivia's University station. My experience in television has allowed me to better understand the formats of writing for television, and the work as a reporter, production and presentation of news for television, as well as processing and editing techniques taking into account the fragmentation and continuity. The dynamic elements of the image in the service of the news using (types of shots, bridges, exits and other corresponding to the area of production.)

Before coming to the U.S; I worked in several radio stations including Radio Centro in 1973, Radio Nacional in 1974, as an announcer and journalist. A few years later, in 1979 I worked for Radio CBA as General director, announcer and journalist, and Channel 11 television as host and director in which I was directly responsible for supervising the activities of a staff of professional journalists, reporters, news announcers, audio news producers and correspondents for the studio (11/1984)

My management experience gained in the field of communication was obtained during my studies at the University of San Simon, in Bolivia where I studied Humanities, Communications, and law. In addition, I worked for the Bolivian Labor Department where I was a labor relation's mediator. All these experiences gave me the knowledge about the importance of dialogue and the friendly relations with all co-workers in the bases of respect and tolerance. In both radio and television, I have visited and spoke to other supervisors at their agencies to promote some kind of relationship between the companies where I have also conducted many briefings and meetings. As a result, this has led to many successful programs in both sectors of the media as well as productive working relationships.

In the United States, I have worked for the following news organizations: Univision television local station in Washington D.C, WorldNet Television, Voice of America, Radio & Television Marti and United Press International UPI and EFE news agency. In Washington, D.C. I was the host and Director of News for Univision's local station, where I created the first local Spanish language news program for the Washington, Metropolitan area. My techniques of research contribute to identify the audience and its preferences on programming. These techniques have allowed me to coordinate and organize the CNN-Radio Noticias, which included format, style, teams, and methodology.

On Univision-Washington DC and Worldnet, I participated as an anchor, and have carried out programs of breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from all around the world and the latest political news with dispatches, behind-the-scenes. My experience also helped to combine the traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources, making the entire process of news gathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers' fingertips. Among the programs that I identified are those ranging from the headlines to tell stories in-depth and from multiple points of view. Programs with the same format as The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer; the CNN and nightly hour. Also, I have carried out programs of conversations and interviews with celebrities and politicians, enriched by featured phone calls and e-mails from viewers around the world, in the style of the great Larry King.

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