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The Tax Notes Fight Heats Up :: The Future of Capitalism

David Cay Johnston has responded to my post about his article about me, and I have written an additional response below his. One more point though, based on my conversation this morning with Jeff Cottrell of Tax Analysts, who returned my call there


Tax Notes's Tax Hypocrisy :: The Future of Capitalism

As mentioned earlier, a former tax reporter for the New York Times, David Cay Johnston, devoted his "Tax Notes" column this week to discussing a story reported here: Stoll, who edited a smart and now defunct right-wing newspaper called The New York Sun,


Oh David Cay Johnston, You've Done It Again! Reuters Nixes Serial Misreporter's Debut Column - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Pulitzer-winning tax journalist David Cay Johnston has been forced to withdraw his first column for Reuters.


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