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CAMERA Analyst Assesses Presbyterian General Assembly

Events at the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly in July indicate that movers and shakers within the denomination are starting to recognize the threat anti-Zionism poses to their church.


Rev. Wall Errs, Again

Responding to Chicago Jewish leaders who challenged his refusal to accept Jewish sovereignty, Rev. James Wall, a longtime columnist for the Christian Century, distorts the historical record.


CAMERA Asks Christian Century to Correct Wall's Errors

CAMERA asked the Christian Century to correct the errors of its longtime columnist. The magazine's editor and publisher, Rev. John M. Buchanan, refused.


Rev. Wall Fails to Disclose Connection to Carter Campaigns

In a piece defending Jimmy Carter's book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Rev. James Wall, senior contributing editor of Christian Century, fails to disclose that he ran the former president's political campaigns in Illinois during the 1976 and 1980 elections.


Rev. Wall Soft-Pedals Hamas Extremism

James M. Wall, star columnist for Christian Century, the house organ for mainline Protestantism in the U.S., downplays Hamas rejectionism when he insists Israel and the United States should accept Hamas's hudna at face value.


Christian Century Stonewalling on Star Columnist's Error

Christian Century magazine, the house organ for mainline Protestantism in the United States, has refused to correct an incontrovertible misstatement of fact in a column written by its star columnist, James M. Wall.


Christian Century Magazine Allows Wall Error

Columnist James Wall of Christian Century magazine claimed that Israel's security barrier completely surrounds Bethlehem. Although this is patently untrue—even according to PLO maps of the Israeli barrier—editors refuse to correct the error, simply because Wall, a regular critic of Israel, stands by his observation.


Venerable Magazine's Mideast Bias

The Christian Century churns out distortions maligning Israel.


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