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Time's Karl Vick Calls Gaza "Occupied"

When tempted to weigh in on contentious legal debates, Karl Vick should remember that he's not a scholar of international law but a journalist. And his editors should take note that he has shown himself not to be an objective journalist but rather one who feels all-too-comfortable taking sides.


Media Coverage of "Nakba Day" and Infiltration Attempts

Reporting of Arab Nakba Day commemorations was a mixed bag, with problematic reporting by some of the usual suspects — Time's Karl Vick opted to obfuscate rather than clarfiy, Washington Times coverage bested the Post's, and false Palestinian claims that refugees were all forced from their homes in 1948 were heard.


After Child Murders, Time Magazine Slides Further into Advocacy Journalism

--> A journalist who manipulates every bit of breaking news to fit a favored narrative, as Karl Vick has done, is better suited for the most partisan of blogs.


Time Strikes (Israel) Again

Karl Vick's latest is as crude as earlier caricatures of Israel, but apparently fills the bill for a weekly magazine that can't figure out what relevance it has in the new media age.


Time Adopts the Language of Anti-Israel Activists

Partisan activists call Israel's barrier a wall in hopes of evoking Berlin, call Palestinians the natives in hopes of casting Jews as colonial outsiders, and conflate Jewishness with Israeli citizenship to allege racism. Why is Time Magazine adopting their biased language?


Time Magazine's Two Standards on Economic Success

Time Magazine is at it again. Shortly after its story playing on anti-Semitic stereotypes of materialistic Israelis, it published an article about materialism in Ramallah — this time without criticism of Palestinians being more concerned with the good life than peace.


Time Magazine Promotes Anti-Jewish Prejudice

In its Sept. 13 edition, Time shocked many readers with a cover image of a Jewish star comprised of daisies with the title Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace. The article, while not quite as slanderous as the cover, nevertheless contains fallacies and invokes anti-Semitic stereotypes.


New Negotiations, Old Biases

The Financial Times' David Gardner, led the way in presenting biased, incendiary coverage of the newly-launched Israeli-Palestinian talks. Name-calling, smears and propaganda trumped facts, context and objectivity.


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