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Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate

In coverage of the current violence between Palestinians and Israel, many news correspondents are using lop-sided language in reporting on Jewish attacks against Arabs versus Arab attacks against Jews...


NPR Unrelenting in Anti-Israel Bias

National Public Radio's hostility toward Israel and willingness to bend facts and journalistic norms in presenting that nation as morally reprehensible and unreasonable are well known.


Faulty Timeline and Partisan Sources at the New York Times

In New York Times' Deborah Sontag's biased front page July article, she recounts why the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations failed - by saying Israel bears the onus, concessions by former Prime Minister Barak supposedly had been exaggerated and Arafat's lack of response was misunderstood.


Wye and the Palestinian Covenant

Media reports on implementation of the Wye River Memorandum have incorrectly characterized as a new demand Israel's position that the Palestinian Covenant must be revised by a full meeting of the Palestinian National Council.


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Deborah Sontag


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