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NPR Coddles Hamas

A segment airing on May 9th about U.S. policy towards Hamas typifies the one-sided NPR focus on critics of Israel. Interviewer Mike Shuster and his guests sanitize the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority while falsely equating Israeli and Hamas' attitudes toward peace.


NPR's Second Intifada

In the final segment of its seven part series on Middle East history, National Public Radio covered the so-called second Palestinian Intifada. As in the previous segments, NPR once again offered up a highly skewed lineup of experts, with critics of Israel heavily represented and pro-Israel voices virtually absent.


CAMERA Critiques NPR History Series

In September 2002, NPR aired a seven-part series entitled "The Mideast: A Century of Conflict" purporting to bring "context and perspective to the story" of the Israeli-Palstinian conflict and "to help listeners understand the complex situation in the Mideast, the history, and the consequences of the confrontation." In fact, the series was marred by severe lack of balance, error and distortion


A Record of Bias: National Public Radio's Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Due to National Public Radio's Israel problem, CAMERA compiled a rigorous analysis of NPR's broadcasts over a two-month period which dramatically underscores the network's skewed approach to covering Israel.


Pattern Of Bias

Although NPR has been provided detailed documentation regarding inaccuracy in numerous of its broadcasts, the network has neither addressed the substantive criticism nor issued corrections. This disregard for factual rigor and public accountability violate NPR's own guidelines.


CAMERA Campaign Challenges NPR Bias

NPR reporters have consistently misrepresented the Wye agreements and accused Israel of imposing tough pre-conditions when Israeli officials have insisted on Palestinian adherence to the accords.


NPR Bias Triggers New CAMERA Action

Why does the fierce anti-Israel bias persist at NPR, a network whose programming is now heard on nearly 600 affiliate stations nationwide?


CAMERA Study Challenges Media "Groupthink" on Arab Building in Jerusalem

BOSTON—Citing pervasive misinformation in the media as well as in US policymaking circles about Arab building in Jerusalem, CAMERA released a study documenting extensive housing construction in Arab neighborhoods of the city.


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