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Despite Some Improvement, AP Misreporting Persists

The influential wire service is more responsive in correcting some factual errors, but continues to downplay attacks against Israelis. The Associated Press might be the single most influential news organization in the United States if numbers are the measure. The agency serves 1,700 newspapers and 5,000 radio and television stations nationally. Worldwide, over one billion people a day obtain news from the AP, according to the organization.


Bloopers, Bias and Terrorist Cross-Fire at AP

The Associated Press (AP) has adopted highly inaccurate language to refer to Palestinian terror groups and the acts they perpetrate. It has also misled readers through simple factual error. In general, AP reporting relies heavily on Palestinian sources, gives priority to Palestinian views and even omits Israeli perspectives.


AP's "Blanket Closure" Report Contradicted by AP Photos

A recent AP story by reporter Gavin Rabinowitz falsely charged that Israel's "closure" of the West Bank and Gaza prior to Yom Kippur confined Palestinians to their homes, despite the fact that AP photographs proved the opposite.


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