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Robert Novak - Misplaced Praised

The late Robert D. Novak was much-praised for his fact-based commentary. Yet his columns on Israel, U.S.-Israel ties and American supporters of the Jewish state amounted to a decades'-long, error-filled screed.


Novak Ignores Attacks on Christians by Muslim Supremacists

Syndicated columnist Bob Novak once again proves himself incompetent to write about Christian Arabs, their status in Palestinian and Israeli societies, and Israeli policy toward them.


CAMERA Letter Published in Washington Post

After publishing an error-filled column by Robert Novak, the Washington Post ran the following CAMERA letter addressing the column's flaws.


Novak's Follow Up Column on Palestinian Christians as Flawed as the Original

Instead of correcting the mistakes in his February 16th column about Israel's security barrier, Novak added more bluster and blunders when on April 16 he returned to the subject.


False Premises, Repeated Errors in Robert Novak Column on Christian Arabs

Syndicated columnist Robert Novak's commentary on Palestinian Christians and the West Bank village of Aboud, published in the Chicago Sun-Times and the Washington Post, was an egregious example of revisionism. It featured false premises relying on repeated errors.


Novak's Malice

Robert Novak's long tenure as a syndicated columnist and CNN television commentator is sorry proof that extreme anti-Israel animus and sloppy attention to the facts are no deterrent to journalistic prominence.


Novak's Obsession

Syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak alleges that a U.S.-led war against Iraq — if it comes — will be largely on behalf of Israel. He calls it "Sharon's war." The Washington Post headlined his Dec. 26 Op-Ed "Sharon's War?" It's Novak's latest effort in a long campaign slandering Israel as a Middle East obstructionist exerting a sinister influence on U.S. policy.


Media Votes No On Israeli Democracy

In a period of deep national trauma that included assassination of its prime minister, unprecedented terrorism on the streets of its cities, and wrenching internal debate over issues of national survival, the Israeli public went to the polls in orderly form and voted for a new government.


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