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Michael Goldfarb

Jim Rutenberg, a Times reporter whose work about the Hagel nomination has been criticized here for dwelling on the anonymous funding of Hagel opponents without mentioning the anonymous funding of groups paying Senator Hagel, or other groups that are not conservative, bends over backward today in a front-page profile of Hagel opponent Michael Goldfarb to appear evenhanded. He mentions "the Emergency Committee for Israel, an anonymously financed group that advertises against President Obama and Congressional Democrats as insufficiently supportive of Israel." But he also mentions "the anonymously financed liberal blog ThinkProgress that frequently attacks the Kochs."


The New York Times Sneers at the Poor

For a newspaper that tends to sneer at Republicans as the party of the rich and that likes to express sympathy for the poor, the New York Times sure gave a hard time in its front-page news article to Christine O'Donnell. Reports the Times, "She has struggled for years with personal finance problems — she has reported earnings of only $5,800 between most of this year and last and she has defaulted on her mortgage."

The Times also reports, "she told a reporter for The News Journal of Wilmington last March that her campaign had paid half the rent on her town house there because it doubled as her headquarters, one of several financial oddities enumerated in an article in that paper....She said that while she participated in the cap-and-gown ceremony nearly two decades ago, she was unable to formally graduate because of unpaid tuition."


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Jim Rutenberg


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