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Whole Foods Amazon Price Cuts

Times coverage of the Whole Foods "price cuts" associated with Amazon's purchase of the grocer has been astonishingly gullible and lame.

A page one news article by Nick Wingfield and David Gelles appeared under the print headline "Amazon's First Act at Whole Foods: Slash Prices." That article included not a single actual price. I mean, there were references to company stock prices in the article, but the only reference to food prices that included actual numbers was a quote from "Brittain Ladd, a strategy consultant who previously worked for Amazon on its grocery business." The Times quoted Ladd as saying, "I won't be surprised if some prices are lowered 15 percent to as high as 25 percent in some categories."


Smearing Judith Rodin

In an egregious example of bad journalism, the New York Times kicks Judith Rodin on her way out as president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

A news article by David Gelles of the Times reports:

In recent years, the foundation has focused on the themes of "resilience" and "inclusive economies." That has resulted in programs aimed at establishing "resilience officers" in 100 cities to focus on disaster relief and a plan that is sending 100,000 inner-city students to see the musical "Hamilton."

These efforts have struck critics as public relations stunts more than meaningful agents of change. And Ms. Rodin has drawn fire for spending too much time with corporate partners and not enough time with the recipients of grants.


Decay at Sears

Sears Holdings is a stock I own, and I know and like and have done business with some of the company's directors (though I haven't discussed either this post or the Times article it addresses with them), so I hesitate before plunging in on this one. But sometimes the Times comes along with a story that is such an egregious example of bad journalism that it deserves to be ripped apart.


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