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Clingy, Look-At-Me Clothes

A front-page Times dispatch from London about Rebekah Brooks, a news executive "facing charges of illegally intercepting voice messages and other crimes in connection with their work for Mr. Murdoch's now-defunct News of the World tabloid" reports:

from appearances at least, she is a changed woman. Her clingy, look-at-me clothes have been replaced by functional skirts and blouses; she wears little makeup.


Minor Complaints

A Times dispatch from London on a British sex-crimes investigation reports: "Stung by criticism that they failed to follow through on numerous complaints against Mr. Savile, the police are now going out of their way to appear receptive to even the most minor complaint, even ones that are decades old."

The article goes on to describe instances of alleged rape, statutory rape, assault, and sexual assault. The Times doesn't say which one of these are "minor," but it seems an oddly breezy and dismissive characterization. When it's Times reporters investigating these sorts of abuses at, say, Horace Mann, the fact that they are "decades old" doesn't mean that they are "minor" or that they should be ignored.


Anonymice In London

An front-page Times article about a London neighborhood in which many homes are owned by wealthy foreign buyers who live elsewhere for much of the year includes X sources. They are:


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