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Biden's Rambling

Heads up: I am about to criticize the Times for being unfairly critical of a Democratic politician, which may be surprising given my own center-right political leanings. In a news article about an appearance by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Biden, the Times reports that Mr. Biden "rambled on for 25 minutes about the importance of rebuilding the nation's infrastructure."


The Missing Voice

Sometimes the bias in Times news articles isn't in what they say, but in what they leave out.

One example in today's paper is an article by Patrick McGeehan that appears under the headline "Critics Wait for the City To Rein In Bus Lines." The article features five paragraphs from a business owner complaining about intercity bus companies whose buses park in front of her businesses, and two paragraphs from a person who represents the businesses. There are two paragraphs from a "spokeswoman for several bus companies." But there's no representation at all of the point of view of the customers of the bus lines, which even the article concedes are "popular." The article complains about "clogged sidewalks." Well, welcome to New York City.


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