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J Street

From a Times news article on a meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu:

While Mr. Obama was reassuring Mr. Netanyahu in private, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. delivered a rousing declaration of American support for Israel to J Street, a moderate pro-Israel lobbying group that favors a two-state solution to the conflict.


Wrong on Kennedy

A New York Times news article about President Obama's intent to nominate Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan reports, "Ms. Kennedy, 55, a lawyer and an author who has served as director of numerous nonprofit organizations, has never worked in government."

That is inaccurate. From a Times news article in 2004: "Caroline Kennedy, whose star power helped raise tens of millions of dollars for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's effort to remake the New York City public schools, is stepping down as chief executive of the school system's Office of Strategic Partnerships, officials said yesterday...Ms. Kennedy had planned to accept an annual salary of $90,000 but ultimately decided to take only $1 a year."


New York Times Plays Blame Game on Negotiations Impasse

The Palestinian leadership insists it will not resume face-to-face negotiations until Israel complies with its preconditions, while their diplomats — with the help of some partisan writing in the New York Times news pages — cast Israel as responsible for the impasse.


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