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Buildings Went Up

A Times dispatch from Jerusalem reports:

Over the last decade, scores of cheap apartment buildings, many a dozen stories high, have sprung up in several Palestinian neighborhoods like Ras Khamis, lying just within the Jerusalem city limits but isolated by the barrier that Israel has built along or through parts of the West Bank with the stated purpose of keeping out suicide bombers. The buildings went up without planning permission, safety regulations or proper infrastructure.

The use of the language that the buildings "sprung up" or "went up" oddly omits the question of who built them. Arabs? Jews? The article doesn't say who the unscrupulous slumlords are, and it's almost as if the reporter is bending over backwards not to find out.



A Tweeter points out that a Times news article about the Israeli company SodaStream and the actress Scarlett Johansson reports, "The dispute over the ad, scheduled to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, has pitted pro-Palestinian activists against people and groups who support Israel unreservedly."


Palestinian Anonymouse

At the conclusion of today's installment of the Times' thousand-part series on the evils of Israel's settlement policies in the West Bank comes this passage:

The latest Israeli settlement plans were "a stab in the back for everyone who has worked to have negotiations," said a Palestinian official involved in the talks, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "It legitimizes the fears everybody had that the negotiations are just a smoke screen."

This looks to me like a violation of the Times policy on the use of confidential sources, which states:


Always the Inequality

A dispatch from Jerusalem in today's New York Times reports: "Although Israel's economy is regarded as relatively strong and stable, having weathered the global economic downturn, the growth of recent years has directly benefited a small percentage of the population, living costs are high — perhaps because of a lack of competition, experts say — and the gap between the rich and the poor has been increasing."


New York Times Sees 'Sad Irony' in Terrorists Killing Terrorist Sympathizer

Vittorio Arrigoni, terror tourist and International Solidarity Movement member, sought radical causes that would give his life meaning, and ended up befriending the extremist terrorists of Hamas. His murder in Gaza at the hands of terrorists even more radical than Hamas was the occasion for hagiography in the New York Times.


International Herald Tribune Launders News, Palestinians Come Out Clean

Today's print edition of the International Herald Tribune runs two stories about Palestinian grievances against Israel, but entirely ignores two major stories involving Palestinian violence -- murder in Jenin and the indictment of an alleged rocket expert.


The New York Times and Itamar

The murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar prompted familiar circumlocutions and evasions by The New York Times where the killing of Jews is concerned. Rather than call it a terrorist attack— the family was said to have been killed by intruders.


Clouds of Questions Around Bilin Death

There are many inconsistencies in the accounts of those who say they were on the scene at Bilin with Abu Rahma, as questions continue to swirl around the circumstances of her death.


New York Times Draws Anti-Israel Lesson From Palestinian Attack

What does a terror attack against Israel teach us? According to the New York Times, it's that Israel is being disruptive. In its recent coverage of two deadly attacks against Israelis, the newspaper demonstrated an especially flagrant abandonment of journalistic standards, spinning coverage so as to deflect culpability for the violence away from the perpetrators.


Goldstone Report Implicitly Validated by the New York Times

Yet another deceiving New York Times report about Israel misleads about the legitimacy and credibility of the Goldstone report, implying that Israel's military court has validated it, when in fact the reverse is true.


On Flotilla, International Herald Tribune Editors Asleep at the Helm

International Herald Tribune editors were asleep at the helm, ignoring video evidence showing violence on the part of the flotilla passengers, whitewashing IHH, and giving a distorted picture of international law.


New Fatah Central Committee Ties to Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades

The New York Times hailed the new members of the Fatah Central Committee as pragmatic. Israeli interrogations of terrorists during the Second Intifada suggest otherwise.


CAMERA Prompts Correction at International Herald Tribune

Bad editing at the International Herald Tribune led to an error on the basic history of Jerusalem. CAMERA staff prompted a correction in today's edition. The error and correction follow.


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