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Defense and GDP

A "Memo From Brussels" about American defense spending and Europe's includes the following passage: "France says that by 2014 it may cut deeper still — to just 1.3 percent of G.D.P., down from 1.9 percent this year. By comparison, the United States spent 4.8 percent of its G.D.P. on the military in 2011."

Comparing 2014 or 2013 to 2011 is an apples-to-oranges comparison. If the Times wants to compare the United States and France, it should compare what the U.S. spent in 2011 against what France spent in 2011, or what the U.S. says it will spend in 2014 against what France says it will spend in 2014, or what both countries are spending in 2013.


New York Times Discovers Palestinian Incitement

A front-page feature on April 1, 2008 in both the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune highlights the serious issue of Palestinian indoctrination with detailed examples of Hamas incitement in children's television shows and in mosques.


New York Times Implies Israel's Road Plan is Racist

A New York Times article about the construction of a divided highway meant to provide security for Israelis and territorial contiguity for Palestinians amounted to a partisan condemnation of Israeli policies.


Peace Now's Blunder: Erred on Ma'ale Adumim Land by 15,900 Percent

Peace Now claimed in an October 2006 report that Israeli settlements are situated mostly on "private Palestinian land," and in particular that the territory of the largest settlement, Ma'ale Adumim, is 86.4 percent "private Palestinian land." Turns out they were a little off.


New York Times Denying Palestinian Hate Indoctrination

In a lengthy feature about disillusioned Palestinian youth who turn to violence, there is almost no mention of the anti-Israel indoctrination on state-sponsored, radio, music videos, universities, and summer camps.


False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged

Before the latest cease-fire, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was quoted without challenge saying that since the summer,thousands of [Gazan] homes have been destroyed. But is this true?


The IHT Corrects Error on Palestinian Casualties

The International Herald Tribune wrongly blamed an unexploded Israeli shell for the death of two Palestinians in Khan Yunis last month. CAMERA staff prompted the following correction:


New York Times Apologetics for Terror

CAMERA has repeatedly faulted the New York Times for whitewashing and excusing Palestinian terrorism and repeating terrorists’ claims at face value. Faced with a newly published volume (Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad, by Matthew Levitt, Yale University Press, 2006) that exposes the Hamas organization’s single-minded goal of jihad against Israel, the Times review of the book once more rationalizes the terrorist nature of the organization.


NY Times, IHT Correct: Rabin Assassin Not a Settler

As noted on CAMERA's blog on Sunday, a brief in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune misidentified Israeli Prime Minister Rabin's assassin as a settler. CAMERA staff contacted editors from both media outlets that day, and the following corrections appeared today:


New York Times Misrepresents Hamas

By misprepresenting in a May 26 story the long-term mission of Hamas, the New York Times propagated a media pattern of minimizing the motivations, actions, and goals of anti-Israel terrorist groups.


The Temple Mount's Jewish History: More Than a Matter of Faith

The Temple Mount is the site of the first and second Jewish Temples, destroyed in 586 BCE and 70 CE, respectively–a historic fact accepted even by Muslim authorities. Nevertheless, that fact has not stopped some journalists from reporting on the Temple Mount's significance in Jewish history cautiously, as if its status is a matter of Jewish faith, or "belief," and not archeologic evidence.


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