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Hedges v. Obama

Adam Liptak manages to write an entire New York Times column about the court case Hedges v. Obama without explaining that "Hedges" is Christopher Hedges, who spent 15 years as a reporter for the New York Times, and without mentioning that the other named plaintiffs in the case include Pentagon Papers figure Daniel Ellsberg and the radical professor Noam Chomsky.

The online version of Mr. Liptak's column includes a hyperlink to court documents that include that information, but print readers are out of luck, and the Times connection to the plaintiff in the case seems at least worth disclosing in a Times news article.


Liptak's Trick

Judge Jed Rakoff's discussion of why prosecutors have avoided criminal charges against those responsible for the financial crisis is the topic of a news article in today's Times by Adam Liptak. Mr. Liptak frames the story as follows:

Judge Jed S. Rakoff wants to know why. In a blistering essay in the issue of The New York Review of Books that arrives this week, he argues that the Justice Department has failed in its rudimentary responsibilities, offering excuses instead of action.

That makes it seem like the Times is ahead of the story, or at least on top of it — "arrives this week."


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