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From a Times news article about "a highly respected figure in the vegetarian and vegan movements" who died after collapsing while jogging in Prospect Park:

His case was publicized in the news media, after the police asked for help identifying him, and among runners when a doctor at the hospital mentioned him to a staff member at JackRabbit Sports, a popular hub for runners in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
"It didn't seem as though he was someone who was homeless," said the doctor, a regular JackRabbit customer who asked not to be named because he was concerned he had violated privacy laws by speaking about Mr. Berry. "So you sort of get a sense of, 'Gee, he belongs to somebody.' "


What Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Steven Cohen Have in Common

An article in the Times metro section reports on a patient who left Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn. From the article:

a person familiar with the situation said that SUNY Downstate officials wanted to remove him last week as part of the push to discharge or transfer the hospital's remaining patients. Administrators bought a one-way Greyhound bus ticket to Florida in Mr. Heredia's name, to depart the morning of July 19, according to the person, who is affiliated with the hospital through a nearby clinic and spoke anonymously because of patient privacy laws.


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