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A Swipe at Fox News

From a New York Times news article on the departure of David DeVoe, the chief financial officer of News Corp.:

That split will take place on June 28, when entertainment assets like Fox News, FX and a Hollywood studio will form a new company called 21st Century Fox. Publishing units, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post and HarperCollins, and a handful of Australian television assets will form a company called News Corporation.

"Entertainment assets like Fox News"?


Conservatives as Defenders of the Media

A New York Times article about conservatives upset at the Department of Justice for scrutinizing journalists includes the following paragraph:

"It's a sea change, to say the least, in how it's being covered," said Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America, a nonprofit, liberal research organization that devotes much of its efforts to criticizing Fox News. "I can't think of a single example of Fox News ever coming to the aid of a reporter who was at the center of a national security leak," Mr. Boehlert added.


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