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Unregulated Prices

The ambitious and lengthy New York Times series by Elisabeth Rosenthal on health care pricing has been illuminating and will probably win a Pulitzer, but sometimes a left-wing agenda — or sometimes not so much an agenda but just a set of unexamined assumptions — can't help but peek through even in the best Times journalism. From the latest Times article, on the price of getting stitched up at a hospital emergency room:

The main reason for high hospital costs in the United States, economists say, is fiscal, not medical: Hospitals are the most powerful players in a health care system that has little or no price regulation in the private market.


Colonoscopy Costs

The Sunday Times featured a long and detailed article about the costs of colonoscopies, which the Times says explain "Why U.S. leads the world in health expenditures."

It was a fine article, but I thought it would have been even better had it included two thoughts that were missing.

The first is ObamaCare, which wasn't mentioned at all. One of the promises of ObamaCare is that it was supposed to help rein in these out of control costs and "reform" health care. But the problems outlined in the Times article seem to be going on despite the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and the article gives no indication at all of what the effect, if any, that the implementation of the law will have on the problems.


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