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Conservative Catholics

A Times news article under the headline "Boy Scouts Are Poised to End Ban on Gay Leaders" reports, "To gain the acquiescence of conservative religious groups that sponsor many packs and troops, like the Mormon and Roman Catholic Churches, the policy will allow church-run units to pick leaders who agree with their moral precepts."


Another Boy Scout Error

What is it with the New York Times that it can't write about the Boy Scouts without making mistakes? (For earlier examples, please see here and here.)

Today's example comes in the latest installment of the Times' coverage of gay Boy Scouts and leaders. (This is the main issue for the Times when it comes to the Boy Scouts, an organization that saves lives, teaches skills, and performs community service while attracting little attention from the Times for anything other than its policies on gays.)

Today's Times article reports "Glaad and other rights groups took up the cause, enlisting celebrities like Madonna, who wore a Boy Scout uniform to an awards ceremony."


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