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Death Penalty Reporting

The Times has a 672-word, 14-paragraph news story on the front of its home page about the delay of an execution that had been scheduled for a Texas inmate, Robert James Campbell. Nowhere in the news article does it say what crime he committed.

A reader-participant-watchdog-content co-creator-community member writes of what he calls an " approach to capital punishment stories -- obscuring or ignoring the reason for their death sentence. Take a look at the story ... Was it a brutal murder? A parking ticket? I give up."

Maybe it was insider trading?

An Associated Press article running at the Fox News site explains that Campbell had killed a 20-year-old Houston bank teller:


Texas and Regulation

A front-page New York Times headline declares, "After Plant Explosion, Texas Remains Wary of Regulation."

Less wary of regulation, apparently, are the New York Times reporters and editors, who engage in a misleading use of statistics to try to advance their case for additional regulations (though the Times acknowledges somewhere in the middle of the article that "it is impossible to know whether tougher regulations would have prevented the disaster," and toward the end that the fertilizer plant that exploded "fell under the purview of at least seven state or federal regulatory agencies.")


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Manny Fernandez


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