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"Perhaps" is one of the words that as an editor or as an alert reader always makes me pay close attention to what comes next. A dispatch from San Francisco in today's Times reports, "Perhaps nowhere in America is the debate over income inequality being carried out as fiercely as in San Francisco, where the technology industry's success has led to a roaring economy, social disruption and widespread protests."


Always the Class Divide

Yesterday, the Times provided a May Day update from Havana on the development of "class consciousness" in Cuba. Today it is Silicon Valley that gets squeezed into the Times' laughably predictable framework of analysis: "Corporate Jet Center Exposes Silicon Valley's Class Divide," the headline over the article says.

In fact, people of all classes who live near airports don't like the noise. This is true, in my experience and observation, regardless of economic conditions, geography, or income inequality, and regardless of whether the airplanes involved are private Gulfstreams or not-so-private People Express planes. Rather than demonstrating a class divide, the nearly universal opposition to airplane noise from neighbors of airports show that many issues transcend the class boundaries that are so ardently reinforced by Times reporters and editors.


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